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From the September 1995 Issue

Keeping Life in Order

If I were to write a recipe for improved life for the caregiver, I would include the following "ingredients" taken from a workshop I recently attended.

  • Agreement - arguing only leads to more frustration (I constantly remind myself I cannot change the point of view of someone with Alzheimer's dementia.)
  • Soothing/Comfort - noise and clutter are not only upsetting to a person with Alzheimer's dementia, but can also be unsettling for the caregiver who is burdened with other challenges. (The bustling 'parties" I used to thrive on, now only cause confusion.)
  • Distraction - when tension fills your space, changing the subject or your tasks is sometimes the only thing you can do to survive. I find just going to the garden to pull weeds can be of benefit - or I find a neighbor to chat with.
  • Simplification - a familiar routine is best (for me and for the one I care for.)

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