Care Tender

A monthly newsletter bringing encouraging words, inspiration and useful ideas to those who care for others

What Readers Say

"What a delightful newsletter for caregivers to receive." Lila

"I am always so eager to read each issue when it arrives. It is difficult to put it down until I've read the entire newsletter." Donna

"A note to tell you how very much I continue to enjoy and find strength and sustenance from your lovely newsletter--it's a high point and looked forward to every month, not only by me but by the various friends you send it to." From Janie, who each year purchases several gift subscriptions.

"Thank you for sending Care Tender. I think you are doing a great thing--this has got to be a blessing to many. Think it is just a wonderful collection of ideas and inspiration." Kathleen

"Thanks so much for being there for other caregivers." Ellen

"I thank you for the time, the effort, the loving concern you put into your publication. Many times at the end of a day, like a kid, I'd pull the covers over my head so as not to disturb Harold--and with flashlight in hand I'd read a couple of pages--or a whole issue of Care Tender." L.

"I have really enjoyed your stories and interesting little tidbits in Care Tender, but most important, you are providing so much helpful information and understanding to the people who really need it--the caregivers." Carol

"If we did not have Care Tender, what a loss it would be to me (not to mention my parents of 88 and 91 years) and to each of those in our congregation with whom I share your information, experience, wisdom and other supportive ideas. Your experienced caring , researched information, and creative suggestions are a huge community service. Please continue this generous love for the greater family of man. Please know you have made significant contributions to the quality of life of many of us caregivers--and aren't we all caregivers for each other. Thank you, thank you for all your outstanding effort and ingenuity in making your publication a joy as well as a useful tool." Jane


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