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Victoria's View

I had already made one loop on my walking route and was climbing back up the hill. During my walks I normally let my gaze wander westerly toward the water - today was no exception. This crisp sunny day with huge clouds scattered about the sky was refreshing and renewed my spirit. I don't know what drew my eyes away from the water, lifting my sight upward to the east. My eyes scanned the normal boundary of the sky and then slowly my neck pushed back as my eyes searched even higher in the sky. And there he was! Two miles north and probably half a mile or more high in the clouds he soared - this magnificent eagle with a wing span that must have been over 10 feet. He was huge, and the white on his tail and head glistened in the sunlight. Even at this distance, I could easily sense his power and size. I watched as another eagle joined him - and the two performed their dance of the skies, gliding and soaring. They would entertain me for the duration of my walk. What a loss it would have been had I missed this wondrous creature. He must have been there the entire time I was walking. I marveled that some force had drawn my eyes upward. But it was only when I lengthened my gaze and looked even higher that I could behold this moment. How like life - so often we miss the spectacular because we fail to look high enough.

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